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Related Interests

Scott has a number of interests that reflect how he “walks the walk” in his personal as well as professional life.  One of these is cooking. While not a professional chef, Scott has been accused of serving gourmet meals to family and friends. He enjoys preparing good meals with a careful selection of ingredients, using organic selections wherever possible and practical. 

Another area of interest is photography. With a deep appreciation for nature and a desire to preserve it for the sake of our planet and future generations, Scott felt strongly about having his photographs on this web site. Some were taken on his annual trip to the SRI Conference. (Please go to www.sriconference.com for more information on this conference). Photographs shown include Bryce Canyon in Utah, a sunset at his summer home in Castine Maine, and Falling Water in Western Pennsylvania, which is Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, known for its enhancement of the natural site.

Having a strong interest in the arts, Scott, along with his girlfriend Toni, are fortunate to own a timeshare in New York City where they stay while enjoying performances of operas, ballet, Broadway shows, recitals, and concerts. They also enjoy time spent in New York’s many museums, central park, and of course, some excellent restaurants. When it comes to music, most of the time, Scott listens to classical, opera, and Jazz. However, being a child of the sixties, Scott grew up listening to and playing rock n’ roll as a bassist. In fact, Scott’s band from the ‘60’s, the Gross National Product (GNP) gets together once a year for a reunion concert at Waynesburg University in Waynesburg, Pa.

The annual GNP concert has become a tradition at the University, and April 27, 2013 marked the 43rd year that this event has taken place. Of the original 6 members, Scott and two others formed the nucleus of the band, and were joined by 40 additional musicians and singers this year. The concert, offered free to the students and the community, featured many types of music, including Bluegrass, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Country, Rhythm & Blues, plus good old Rock n’ Roll. Scott serves as principal bassist and also as the musical director for the event. 

As such, he manages rehearsals, creates many of the arrangements, and organizes the many types of music for a well balanced show that showcases many talented performers. When asked how he does this each year, Scott stated that he uses the model that he brings to Financial Planning. As a CFP®, Scott applies the same comprehensive and synergistic way of thinking to organizing the event that he applies to organizing his clients multi-faceted financial lives. He is able to bring together many seemingly disconnected songs, musicians, arrangements, and other elements to craft a show that has filled the house for 43 years and has the University invite the band to return each year. This year’s concert is scheduled for May 10, 2014.

Scott has a strong charitable interest, touching on several related areas. At his local church, Red Bank United Methodist, Scott has served on the investment and finance committees, in addition to his ongoing management of the church’s two endowment accounts in SRI portfolios. For many years, he served as the chairman of the Stewardship committee, organizing the annual pledge drive to fund the church’s annual budget.

In the area of Human Rights, Scott supports a number of powerful and effective charitable organizations. These include the ground breaking Where Peace Lives, WherePeaceLives.org, whose mission is “Conflict Resolution & Peace Building Through Art and Media,” and the recently created Playing For Change, PayingForChange.com, which unites his love of music with his passionate desire for a better world. Directly related to his work with Socially Responsible Investing, Scott supports Green America, GreenAmericaToday.org, formerly Co-Op America.

Another area of strong interest is animal rights. Strongly opposed to the barbaric practice of testing consumer products on animals as well as “harvesting” animals for their fur, Scott supports numerous animal rights organizations such as the International Fund for Animal Welfare, www.ifaw.org.  On a more local level, Scott and Toni are providing a home to their five precious “boys”, who were five homeless cats; Mongo, Oats, Barley, Hedley Lamar, and Little Willy. Toni also has a horse named Ginger - one of the things that drew Toni and Scott together is their mutual love for animals, as well as their interest in the arts, travel, good food, and a desire for a better planet.